We implement a full cycle from R&D to implementation in production


Our advantages

Full cycle of works - from idea to implementation of technology

For 10 years we have been carrying out a full cycle of works.
We carry out R&D, develop design and technical documentation.

We organize production processes and accompany production.

We make normative control of design and technical documentation, carry out calculations and analyzes of the product.

We develop and manufacture products according to customer samplesIn such software products as: CAD: Compass, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, Creo, ANSYS, according to design documentation standards: ESKD, ANSI, ISO

10 years engineering team experience

We work in accordance with ESKD and GOST

Comprehensive support at all stages of work

Successful experience in more than 10 industries

Optimize production

We will help you

Build technological processes

Develop devices and R&D

Upgrade equipment

We automate and optimize technological processes and carry out work to reduce the share of manual labor in production.

We introduce single robots - manipulators and robotic complexes.

We develop equipment in compliance with the necessary requirements and standards.

We develop products from single machines to production lines, including microelectronic ones, according to the technical specifications.

We develop medical equipment, reliable operation and онhigh accuracy of which ensures the safety of life and health of people.

We go from design documentation to the finished product. We work on flexible design technologies Agile.

Design engineers have experience in the development of non-standard equipment and its implementation in production.

We prepare design documentation, test prototypes and certify finished products.

We optimally build technological processes and integrate design solutions into them, thanks to the developed design documentation, testing of prototypes and certification of finished products in accordance with the increased requirements of customers and industry standards.

How we are working?

Result from idea to product in 4 steps

We help to form an application

We will consider the terms of reference, calculate the terms and cost of the project, agree on a work plan and sign a contract


We will create a 3D model of the product, work out the basic technical principles

We pass certification and receive documents

We agree and make the necessary changes to the 3D model, we will create a set of project documentation

We introduce into production

We draw up a project, transfer the finished documentation, ship the products. If necessary, we will help in organizing production processes at Russian enterprises



We will select a high-quality technological project for you and minimize the risks of losses thanks to a full audit of the project by an experienced team of experts



We will carry out R&D, increase the financial stability of the enterprise by optimizing technological and production processes



We are ready to join projects and jointly conduct R&D



We work faster than research institutes and create a product that meets all modern requirements

Order services

We invite investors, manufacturers, universities, corporations to cooperate.
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Become a performer

Do you have an idea? Do you want to work with us? We invite you to cooperate.
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We invite you to conduct joint research. We also take part in projects as an expert organization



We invite students with diploma theses and applied projects to create innovative products with further introduction to the market



We know how to create an innovative product from an idea in 4 steps. Under careful supervision, you will be able to go this way and realize your invention.



We have interesting design and engineering tasks. Submit your resume and we will contact you!

Research and Production Association "Delta" 

For more than 10 years, our team of engineers has been successfully working with manufacturing enterprises in Russia and neighboring countries. 

We are constantly improving our skills and knowledge in order to provide our customers with the best solutions. 

We have extensive experience in the industry of manufacturing and innovative technologies. During his work, many projects have been implemented in various fields of industry and science. 

Among our achievements: the development and launch of satellites, the creation of unique solutions for the gas and chemical industries, as well as many other projects in which we have worked closely with customers.

Volegov Denis

Company founder


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07 How to get a patent and get certified?
08 I have a complex project, can your team implement it?
09 If you need to hand over the project yesterday. How much is it?
10 What guarantees can you give?
11 Can you make a prototype?
12 What is R&D?
13 How much does design support for production cost?
14 Will you steal my idea?
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16 How much does R&D cost?
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